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Thank you for participating in our Virtual Thanksgiving Service

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Methodist Girls’ High School Old Girls’ Association California Branch Donations

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Why your donation is important?

In Sierra Leone, girls continue to face barriers to higher education that keep them from reaching their full potential.

• Only 15 per cent of girls reach secondary school. Teenage pregnancy, child marriage, gender-based violence, and cultural and religious biases underlie gender disparity

• Adolescent pregnancy, one of the highest in the world, remains a major concern. It is a reason behind the high dropout rates of girls in the secondary cycle. It is also a major contributing factor to high infant and maternal mortality.

• Preference to boys’ education remains high and girls are performing domestic chores, taking care of younger siblings and assisting in bringing income to the home.

• Text books are in very short supply and sometimes children have to share one to four or even five.

• Uneducated girls lack the capacity to make choices and decisions for their own wellbeing and cannot be gainfully employed.

When you donate to the MGHS OGA California, you are supporting our efforts to give girls a chance at superior secondary-school education in Sierra Leone.

Proceeds from our fund-raising events will greatly serve the urgent need for additional classrooms to eradicate the current two-shift system and return the School to the glory days of a more efficient one-shift system. The two-shift system has hampered not only the educational progress of our students, but their moral and socio-economic development.   

Donations can be made in the form of a gift, money, or property. Cash donations can be made via PayPal, Check or Zelle. Your donation may be tax deductible in the US and our Employer Identification Number: 84-3970924.

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