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Thank you for participating in our Virtual Thanksgiving Service

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Methodist Girls’ High School Old Girls’ Association California Branch Donations

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The conversation then progressed to a historical moment and visions of what an Old Girls’ Association would mean for MGHS, our Alma Mater. Aunty Essie and I started to contact each other more frequently talking and planning forming our association. We had several dialogues with Eugenia During, President of the MGHS, Washington-Metropolitan Branch and Chair of the MGHSOGA Diaspora Group, Gloria Allen, President, Connecticut-New York Branch, Elaine Hollist, and Rev. (Dr.) Gloria King-Hoff, past and present President of Texas Branch, shared their experiences in forming their branches. Thankfully, we reached out to other MGHS old girls in California, and we successfully had our inaugural meeting on September 14, 2019, at Lakewood First United Methodist Church. We thank the Senior Pastor, Rev. Olu Harding, the Board of Trustees, and the entire church for their benevolence. Eight enthusiastic women – movers and shakers – were present at our first meeting, ready to get to work. We have had our monthly meeting since. With great enthusiasm and support, I am pleased that we, the MGHSOGA California Branch, on Sunday, February 9, 2020, successfully held our Inaugural Thanksgiving Service and also commemorate the 140th year of excellence and existence of our Alma Mater, the Methodist Girls’ High School at the Lakewood First United Methodist Church.

Some of us have tried to support and give back to our Sierra Leone community but have faced several discouraging responses. In less than six months of our MGHSOGA – California Branch formation, we could host our Inaugural Thanksgiving Service. All to God’s Glory! God is ready to do mightily through us. Let us make ourselves available in obedience to the call and see what God will accomplish at the MGHS through us. I am honored and humbled to serve as President of our MGHSOGA – California Branch. I truly appreciate your trust and confidence in me and our Executive Members to lead our association onward successfully.

We now have the opportunity of coming together as alumni to contribute to the tremendous growth and success of our Alma Mater. Let us come together with one accord with love and commitment to positively impact this venture. To all the members of our MGHSOGA California Branch: We all have a special bond together; we are all alumni of the prestigious high school we attended – the one and only Methodist Girls’ High School.

And may we keep the legacy of excellence of our 140 year old institution alive and well! Floreat MGHS! Long live the Methodist Girls’ High School! Long live the Methodist Girls’ High School Old Girls’ Association California Branch! Long live Sierra Leone! This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes! Glory to God!

President’s Message

Making a Difference and Building our Alma Mater

This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

See where God has brought us. What started as the Wesleyan Female Institution on January 1, 1880 – to give girls in Sierra Leone a sound Christian education – has evolved into present-day Methodist Girls High School. Over the years, MGHS has produced eminent and erudite ladies making an invaluable contribution in Sierra Leone, here in the U.S., UK, Canada, and worldwide.

The thought of forming own MGHSOGA California Branch was birthed around June/July 2018. Aunty Essie and I met at an event and started a conversation that led to us knowing that we were both alumni of MGHS. What a small world! We were very excited. I let Aunty Essie know that many other MGHS old girls were residing here in Southern California. Together with my husband, Reginald Samuels, who was part of our conversation, we started to name and count the number of MGHS old girls we knew already. As the conversation progressed, it was revealed that Reverend Olu Harding, Aunty Essie’s husband, is a product of our brother counterpart, the Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS).

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